College Fund ENG

Every one of us wants what’s best for our children. We all try to give them a good start into adult life so children can pursue their dreams and make plans for the future.

I grew up in Poland. On May 14, 1994, my wife, our one-year-old son, and I came to Chicago. We rented the cheapest apartment we could find to fit us all – $500 a month. I began to work for $175 a week. We eventually purchased a car so my wife, Kasia could work as well. The goal was to learn English and fit in. What we made back then we invested to educate ourselves. We worked hard to become valuable citizens of this great country. We never took anything for granted. I have been a Real Estate Broker for 15 years now, and now is the time to give back to the country that adopted me and to the community I love.

As a parent of a child who is currently in college – I know what costs are associated with good education. With a view to the future of our children, I would like to introduce this great project I have had in mind for a long time. That is why..

I would like to invite you to partnership

The first time you use my services to sell or buy a property, or when you recommend my services to your friends or family (and the transaction closes) – I will set up a College Saving Program “Bright Direction for your child.

You will be provided with free assistance from a financial adviser from Edward Jones regarding this program. The amount of my donation will reflect the amount of the closed transaction.

If you, or the person you refer to me, closes a transaction for $300,000 my donation will be $300, $500,000 - $500, etc.

I will donate to your child’s fund every time you, or the person who comes to me from your referral. There is no limit on the amount of donation.

Because my business is based on referrals only – I assure you that I will take care of you and everyone you refer to me in the best possible way.